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A Yin Yoga Immersion

A Winter Warming Practice

18 June 2023 ~ 11:30am-1pm

This practice will leave you feeling like you just had the best warm hug!

Mysan has designed this Yin yoga practice to increase warmth in our body and Being throughout the cooler months.

In this session we will work deeply to massage and move our organs for optimal firing ability. When our organs are balanced, have movement, space and freedom to do their job, health is about.

We will emphasise on some deeper work for the kidney and urinary bladder and their channels as they are the organs connected to the winter season according to Chinese medicine and our Yin yoga. Our Yin yoga practice will also move deeply into our joints and deep fascia tissue, creating warmth into our innermost cells!

Mysan will be there for you, giving individual support, assistance and help, making sure that the practice is benefiting YOU as an individual student the best it can!

We will boost blood flow for warmth, oxygen flow for life, energy flow for vibrancy and water flow for blossoming.

This 90 minute practice will continue to keep giving you warmth and wellbeing for days to come, it is deeply nurturing and will put a smile on your face so you can share some sunshine with your friends and community.

Mysan Sidbo

Mysan has been practicing yoga for 20 years and has been teaching for over 15 years. She teaches Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and Yang yoga as well as Meditation and Pranayama (breath awareness).

She has a strong anatomy interest and knowledge applies that understanding in to a functional approach to yoga and body movement.


$65 – single session.

$120 for this and the Yin Yoga Masterclass.