Yoga Tree Team Members

A great studio is backed by an even better team. Here are the people who make Yoga Tree the amazing studio it is today.



I took my first Bikram Yoga class back in the end of 2009 just before I moved to Melbourne from Perth. Straight away I felt the positive effects and knew that I wanted to continue with the practice and become a teacher so I could share it with others. I went to teacher training in April 2011 in LA and it is by far the best life experience I’ve had. Why Bikram Yoga? I love the heat. It’s great way to cleanse the body, detoxify and is a great whole body work out- inside out, from bones to skin! Though it’s the same 26 postures every time, I always find it a challenge. Practicing the yoga has taught me more patience, determination, self control and is a big stress relieverNatalie