Yoga Tree Team Members

A great studio is backed by an even better team. Here are the people who make Yoga Tree the amazing studio it is today.



I started Yoga in my teens because it was offered alongside my competitive gymnastic training, but often found excuses to miss it because, to tell you the truth, I really didn’t like it. Found it boring. It took a major emotional set back in 2007 and the insistence of a friend for me to come back to a mat. I quickly realised the profound effect it had on my physical and mental health. My way of thinking was sharper and more positive, my relationships improved as my patience returned. Everything was improving as I was learning to let go to let in. I realised then that this Yoga I wasn’t ready for in my earlier years was a secret too good to keep to myself, so I started teacher’s training. With the breath we are, with a mindful breath we can be so much more. I encourage students to tune in, listen within and make the practice theirs. Everything starts with an intention.Fred