Yoga Tree Team Members

A great studio is backed by an even better team. Here are the people who make Yoga Tree the amazing studio it is today.



Donna’s classes invite students to feel uplifted and connected through movement and transitions.
Using vinyasa and somatics to creativity weave music and body connection, students can playfully increase their attention to inner sensations and subtleties of ones self while connecting movement and breath.

Donna sees this as an invitation for practitioners to come back to themselves – to be present and to work with embodiment; to feel and be moved by movement. Believing our whole life is one continuous transition – moving from one event to another.

Having completed training in 2010 only a handful of teachers remain an inspiration.

  • Edward Clark (London) director of Tripsichore Yoga
  • Nikki Durant (London) director of NCDC Performance
  • Lianne Metcalf (Melbourne) Somachi Yoga
  • Julie Henderson (USA) Zapchen Somatics
  • Various Buddhist teachers

“A living body is not a fixed thing but a flowing event” – Alan WattsDonna