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Over 4 weeks ReConnect to yourself, your practice, your environment and your community.

Starts Monday 15 November.

This is a Yoga Tree and Phoenix Yoga Studios collaboration.

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Each week you will receive:

Instructional emails containing tips on what to practice both in and out of the studio

Activities to complete outside of the studio designed to ReConnect you to a particular element and facet of your life

• An activity pack containing tools to assist your practice (collect each week from studio or have them posted for $11/week)

We encourage you to try to complete at least 3 classes per week whilst on this program (this is just a suggestion, you can participate completing more or less classes).

Week 1

Connect with the Earth and Nature.

Week 2

Connect with Water and Self.

Week 3

Connect with the Fire and Creativity.

Week 4

Connect with the Air and Others.


In Studio

$280 incl. unlimited yoga
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Choose ‘Member’ option if you already have a membership or 5/10/20 pass. If you want unlimited classes and have a different pass, that pass will be suspended for 4 weeks whilst on the program.


Online + Pickup
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Online + Delivery
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Either collect your activity pack from the studio each week or opt for delivery.


This event is in collaboration with Phoenix Yoga Studios.

Together We Grow.