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Ecstatic Dance Melbourne – Moving Meditation

ecstatic dance melbourne
Next session: Friday 1 April 7:30pm – 9pm


‘In the dance we wash away our troubles in the rain of dance.’
ecstatic dance melbourne
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Ecstatic Dance is the ultimate night out! Let your guard down, unwind and dance like no one is watching. All the fun of a dance party without the nasty hangover!

Kate (Phoenix Member)

Sanjay's dances are the best way to let go of stress, tension, and other things that are on my mind. I love that the class numbers are limited so that I can have the space to go deeper into myself.

Yolanda (Phoenix Yogi)

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About Ecstatic Dance – Moving Meditation

Are you a little scared about dancing in public? Do you think you look silly? Are you worried about how you might look??? Well that means YOU’RE READY TO DANCE INTO FREEDOM!!!!

We all get a little self-conscious when we try something new. But the wonderful thing about this session is you will be positively beaming by the end, and your body and mind will have peeled off it’s old skin, revealing a more vibrant you! ecstatic dance melbourne

Our ecstatic dance Melbourne is designed to be a moving meditation. As you become more comfortable with the dance, your awareness moves inwards and your attention is on the more subtle feelings within your body. The music begins to move your body and create a dance from the inside. This is when you begin to experience a new connection to yourself, the music, the room and the other people in the session. ecstatic dance melbourne

This leads to more confidence in letting others see a more authentic version of yourself. A version where you are not trying to be something to ‘fit in’ with the crowd or how others think you should be.

Your Moving Meditation Facilitator

Join Sanjay for some fun on the yoga dancefloor! Sanjay has been leading ecstatic dance Melbourne classes and workshops since 2007.

It’s time to explore your body.

More About Sanjay

Instead of staying on just your own yoga mat, the entire room becomes a space of exploration. Free flowing, natural and spontaneous, ecstatic dance leaves you with a feeling of complete inner stillness – all to an amazing soundtrack!

No experience necessary – just arrive and let your body go.

ecstatic dance melbourne


Theme – RAIN


These sessions are inspired by Sanjay’s experience through ecstatic dance such as Ohso and 5Rhythms, among many others. ecstatic dance melbourne

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