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Nourishing the Soul One Book at a Time

Mindful reads

Next Meet Up: 20th of April 2024

Mindful reads

Broaden your perspectives by participating in our mindful reads community. Our book club offers a unique chance for self-exploration. Whether or not you’ve delved into the text, our sessions are welcoming to all who seek to engage in meaningful conversations. Join us in this enriching experience.

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At Yoga Tree, we read literature that revolves around spiritual growth, encompassing themes like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Our mindful reads book club is dedicated to studying books that contribute to greater clarity in our daily lives, fostering compassion both for ourselves and those around us.


Joining a book club opens a world of benefits—connecting with like-minded individuals, exploring diverse genres, and fostering a sense of community. Quarterly meet ups ensure reading accountability and offer a chance to broaden literary horizons. Group discussions stimulate critical thinking, deepening understanding and enjoyment. Book clubs aren’t just about reading; they’re about camaraderie, insights, and a shared love for literature. Join us for a journey of connection, exploration, and shared passion for books.mindful reads

What we read.

The chosen books enrich our everyday lives, offering clarity without judgement. Join our mindfulness reads book club for an immersive journey into the realms of personal growth, self-discovery, and a deeper understanding of the spirit of community. Experience the transformative power of literature with Yoga Tree.mindful reads

5 Reasons to Join our Mindful Reads Community

Mindful reads

1. Community Connection: YT Mindful Reads provides a social platform, fostering connections with like-minded individuals who share a passion for reading.

2. Diverse Perspectives: Engage in rich discussions that expose you to diverse viewpoints, expanding your understanding of literature and the world.

3. Accountability and Motivation: Regular meetings create accountability, motivating members to stay committed to reading and participating in discussions.

4. Exploration of New Genres: We may introduce you to books you might not have chosen independently, broadening your literary horizons and encouraging exploration of new genres.

5. Shared Enjoyment: Reading within a community becomes a shared experience, enhancing the enjoyment of a book through collective insights, reflections, and the joy of communal literary exploration.


$30 for non members

$20 for YT members *(use discount code: Mindfulreads)

$10 for Yoga Teachers *(use discount code: Iteachmindfully)

Current Book: Hell Bent

Author Benjamin Lorr wandered into a yoga studio-and fell down a rabbit hole.

Hell-Bent explores a fascinating, often surreal world at the extremes of American yoga. Benjamin Lorr walked into his first yoga studio on a whim, overweight and curious, and quickly found the yoga reinventing his life. He was studying Bikram Yoga (or “hot yoga”) when a run-in with a master and competitive yoga champion led him into an obsessive subculture-a group of yogis for whom eight hours of practice a day in 110- degree heat was just the beginning.

So begins a journey. Populated by athletic prodigies, wide-eyed celebrities, legitimate medical miracles, and predatory hucksters, it’s a nation-spanning trip-from the jam-packed studios of New York to the athletic performance labs of the University of Oregon to the stage at the National Yoga Asana Championship, where Lorr competes for glory.

The culmination of two years of research, and featuring hundreds of interviews with yogis, scientists, doctors, and scholars, Hell-Bent is a wild exploration. A look at the science behind a controversial practice, a story of greed, narcissism, and corruption, and a mind-bending tale of personal transformation, it is a book that will not only challenge your conception of yoga, but will change the way you view the fragile, inspirational limits of the human body itself.

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