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Welcome to The Yoga Tree!

We offer a variety of classes led by the Melbourne’s best – certified teachers. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, we have something for you with our 5 styles of classes, including our Beginners Foundation to Flow Course, Bikram, Ashtanga Focus, as-well Vinyasa and Yin.

Our studios are equipped with up to date amenities, including a rental mat and towel service. We do have showers and lockers in the change rooms should you need to head off to work or a hot date after class. We are committed to providing an environment based upon wellness, quality, and community.

All are welcome to join our community! Explore our class descriptions to find the perfect fit for you, then check out our schedule to find a time that works best.

Enhance your yoga experience by revisiting yoga etiquette.

When to Arrive

Get to the studio 10 minutes before class begins to secure your spot, even if you have booked. Early arrival allows you to put away your shoes, check-in, fill your water bottle, and set up in the yoga room without feeling rushed. Help yourself get into the right mindset to fully benefit from your practice.

No Mobile Phones

We get that this may be challenging, however we promise your mind and body will thank you for refraining from using your phone during class. You can place your phone in a locker or in a cubby hole downstairs and trust it will still be there after class.

Barefoot Zone

We ask that you remove your shoes before heading into any of the yoga rooms. If its cold your welcome to wear socks , but please remove them once you arrive on your mat.

Be mindful

Be mindful that for some people yoga time is the only quiet time they get. Yoga is time to go inwards so please refrain from speaking in the yoga room. If you see your bestie or have a question please save the words for downstairs.

Be gentle

When in the yoga room please place props, mats, blankets down quietly as the class prepares to practice. May you tred lightly on the floor boards and do your best not to break the concentration of a fellow meditator.

Be kind

We all have a first class and even regular practitioners have days that can feel uneasy. Please practice kindness from the moment you enter our peaceful space until the time you leave. It makes for a really joyous experience. A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

Making space

If the room is getting crowded, consider adjusting your mat to make room for a neighbour. Practice non attachment with your spot. Lets share this space together.  More people means more positive energy!

Early Exit

We ask that all practitioners leave after the class. Should you need to leave early perhaps reconsider the class time, as we do not permit early exits. This is to avoid distraction and ensure the safety of all students.

Leave no trace

Place props back as you found them. Blankets folded as you received them and ensure the room is as tidy as when you walked in befre you leave. Place tissues in the bin and take all of your belongings with you.