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Learn how to use essential oils for well-being

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Are you interested in boosting your health and well-being with natural remedies, but are unsure how to get started? Come to an Introductory Essential Oils class and learn from training aromatherapist, Laura of Urban Hippie Essentials.

In this free class you’ll learn three ways to use essential oils and walk away with suggestions on a range of oils for well-being to start with right away. We’ll cover oils for many areas of your life including better sleep, emotional support, and natural immunity. You’ll also have an opportunity during class to make a sleep support oil to take home (for a small fee).

Want more info? Say hi to Laura on Facebook or Instagram: @urbanhippieessentials

All proceeds will be donated to Second Bite, a food rescue charity in Melbourne. 

If you have any questions before reserving your place, please contact Urban Hippie Essentials.

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