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Here you will find descriptions of all our classes. There is a class for every person, every level and every moment in life.

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Simply Flow

Simply flow is a fusion of breath and movement (Vinyasa). No push-ups, arm balances or inversions… Just a pure light sequence of flowing postures to lengthen, strengthen and diffuse any tension in the body and mind…Beginner friendly class. All classes are 60mins.

Power Flow

This dynamic series is an open class that is designed to link breath with postures and movement to create a challenging, flowing Yoga practice. This increases strength, flexibility and focus while clearing the body of toxins, leaving you feeling calm and centred. We offer 60min, 75min & 90min classes.


Bikram method Yoga is an intelligently designed series of 26 postures (Asanas) lasting 90 minutes. It is practiced in a hot room (around 37 °C) to warm your muscles helping to prevent injuries, allowing deeper stretching, and sweating toxins from the skin. It is performed in a sequence designed so that every posture stretches and strengthens the specific muscles, ligaments and joints needed for the following posture. The Bikram method is cardiovascular and an intense workout suitable for beginners and experienced students. Every muscle group and all five systems of the body are stimulated towards optimal functioning. The end result is an unparalleled feeling of mental well-being and physical relaxation. All classes are 90mins
To find out more about Bikram Method Yoga please visit http://www.bikramyoga.com/

If you are pregnant, practising in the heated studio is not recommended unless you have been regularly practicing prior to your pregnancy. Women have practised Bikram Yoga right through with no problems but this is a personal choice particularly in the first trimester when a woman’s core temperature shouldn’t be raised. Your doctor should be consulted to be sure you are in good health.

Bikram Focus

This class is based on the traditional 90 min Bikram series, all 26 postures are included but in a more flowing 60 minute sequence. Note that this is not an ‘express’ class but a 60 minute sequence that works you head to toe, body, mind and soul, and stands on its own! Get ready to work hard at a different pace allowing for concentration, meditation and the therapeutic benefits you expect from a great Yoga class. All classes are 60 minutes.


The essence of Yin Yoga is surrender. Yin focuses on postures that lengthen the muscles and fascia tissues surrounding the hips, spine, shoulders and chest. Emphasising a strong focus on your breath, you will experience deep releases as you work through areas of the body that habitually hold tension and stress. Since a Yin Yoga practice often includes several long, seated forward bending postures, it also restores energy and calms the nervous system. As your nervous system calms, the long holds will improve your flexibility faster than Yang (strength) practices by increasing joint mobility and rotation. A definite must for all yogis, and Yin is open to all levels. All classes are 60 minutes.


Prenatal classes are specifically created for the pregnant woman. Classes combine strength and softness in a flowing sequence. The Yoga Asanas (postures) are designed to strengthen the body, particularly arms and legs, to build the stamina required for childbirth, while releasing tension in the hips, back and opening the front body. The class provides a space to connect and nurture mother and baby. All classes are 60 minutes.

Mat Pilates

Pilates is the art of controlling the physical body through movement. Practiced with committed, concentrated effort, Pilates will improve your flexibility, increase overall strength and develop an aligned control of your entire body.
There is a specific focus on alignment, mastery of breath through movement and the development of the core musculature. As a result your balance and coordination is improved through the mind body connection.
Exercises can be altered to suit all practitioners from beginner to advanced. When properly practiced it should feel like an intense workout.
A perfect balance to any Yoga practice. All classes are 50 minutes.