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Relaunch Your Practice!

It’s time to start moving your body and flexing your mind.

This is a FREE event.

Starts Monday 25 October.

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Yoga Tree has teamed up with Phoenix Yoga Studios to offer a relaunch into your practice!

All practices will be shared online via daily emails for 7 days.

Personal Retreat: To conclude your 7 days we offer you a Personal Day Retreat. This retreat may be completed on the 6th or 7th day (or any other day you have time off). You will receive details for the retreat in the first email so you may prepare in advance.

Day 1: Relaunch your body – yoga class.

Day 2: Relaunch your breath – breath class.

Day 3: Move your body – yoga class.

Day 4: Relaunch your senses – Yoga Nidra or core class.

Day 5: Move your body – yoga class.

Day 6:  Move your body – yoga class.

Day 7: Personal Day Retreat


Check your email for a confirmation message.