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Transform your health and wellbeing.

Starts 5th February 2024

21 day

Receive a certificate of achievement as well as a surprise gift upon completion.

Successful participants will also receive the option to purchase a variety of memberships at a discounted rate.

It takes 21 days to create a habit. Challenge yourself and see if it’s true for you.

Limited space so bookings are essential.

Reset, revive & re-energise.

21 Day Challenge


It takes 21 days to create or break a habit. Do you have a habit that you’re ready to let go of? Smoking, caffeine, sugar, alcohol or maybe it is just time for a reset or a detox?


Yoga, any class, any time, any style every day for 21 days. If you miss a class you can make it up by doing two classes in one day.


Weight management, toned body, clearer skin, improved sleep, reduced chronic pain, stronger will power, clearer mind & an open heart. If that’s not enough incentive: there’s MORE…Weekly motivation straight to your inbox & the financial incentive of a discounted rate for 3 months for all members and for those who wish to sign up after the challenge is complete.

5 Reasons to Challenge Yourself

1. Guidance: 21 day challenges are a great way to adopt a regular practise. You will be sent guidance directly to your email at the beginning of each week.

2Motivation: We will further assist by sending you daily affirmations for the week. When we fix a goal for a measurable period of time, we are motivated to do it everyday!

3. Group goals and energy: When we take the 21 day challenge with others. We get inspired and the whole challenge becomes more fun and when we are losing our mojo, group energy creates enthusiasm and motivation that enables us persevere. 

4. Acceptance: For every habit, lifestyle change, a minimum of 21 days is required for the body and mind to accept the idea. We will feel the difference; however, little or large it may be  in 21 days or less or more! 

5. Change is constant:  We are creatures of routine and habit. We need to train our body and mind to adopt new practises. Also sometimes we forget with regular practise the body has the opportunity to remember.



Memberships and class passes will be placed on hold.

Note: if you don’t meet the 21 classes target over the 21 days you will be charged an extra $21, bringing your payment to the regular unlimited membership price.