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Beginners Postural Yoga Course

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Do Yoga to Improve Your health and Wellbeing

Here’s how yoga has helped others in our community…

yoga tree

I’ve found that the most profound benefit of my practice has been a sustained ability to have a quality nights sleep! Yoga has allowed me to channel my energies positively rather than manifesting the negativity internally.


I love my Bikram yoga and I continued it as long as I could during my pregnancy. Under the expert guidance of the instructors who were able to show me various modified poses, I was still able to enjoy all the wonderful benefits. I believe my Yoga practice played a definite part in preparing my body for the relatively easy and natural birth I had.


I have been doing Bikram for approximately 9 months, mainly for a bad back, aches and pains and to generally to stay fit. But just recently I went to have a new suit fitted, which I always have to have altered as my left arm is about 5mm shorter. To my surprise the suit fitted perfectly I couldn’t believe it!


I have been practising at Yoga Tree for 10 years the majority of that tine practising power flow. Just recently I have been incorporating Bikram yoga into my schedule. Having the option of power, Bikram and yin yoga is fantastic as they tend to balance each other perfectly . The studio is warm and has a very friendly community. The teachers are approachable and provide expert guidance and instruction. Yoga Tree has become an important sanctuary for me both physically and mentally.