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Educating, Encouraging & Uplifting

Connect Mind, Body & Spirit

Through a unique and simplified learning process, utilise Yoga as the key in establishing a connection between your mind, body and spirit.

Transcend Daily Struggles

Develop a level of connection and awareness to help clear your mind of daily stress and worry.

Radiate Your Happiness

Create and maintain a high level of self appreciation.
Find your inner light and enable the brightness of your true self to shine through.


“Aside from the numerous benefits that consistent Yoga practice facilitate, including the improved health & vitality, I’ve found that the most profound benefit of my practice has been a sustained ability to have a quality nights sleep!
Before I began Bikram yoga I was unable to have a single night’s uninterrupted sleep, which meant I was constantly tired and struggled to concentrate for prolonged periods of time.
Like most people, the rigors of modern day life left me stressed and anxious at nighttime.
Yoga has allowed me to channel my energies positively rather than manifesting the negativity internally. The meditative philosophy that focuses on both the physical and emotional has had a cerebral effect on me.
Now I wake up refreshed every morning and look forward to my nightly practice.”Joe
“I love my Bikram yoga and I continued it as long as I could during my pregnancy.
Under the expert guidance of the instructors who were able to show me various modified poses, I was still able to enjoy all the wonderful benefits.
I believe my Yoga practice played a definite part in preparing my body for the relatively easy and natural birth I had”.Karen K
“I have been doing Bikram for approximately 9 months, mainly for a bad back, aches and pains and to generally to stay fit.
But just recently I went to have a new suit fitted, which I always have to have altered as my left arm is about 5 mm shorter.
To my surprise the suit fitted perfectly I couldn’t believe it.
So I tried another suit with the same result!
All the bending and stretching has balanced out my body, thanks to Bikram”Peter Miller