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Yin Yoga with Q&A  Mysan Sidbo

Sunday 24th February
1130 to 1430
Investment $69

The practice:

Our spine is amazingly engineered and meant to move and groove with ease as we go through our days, yet so often we feel a little stagnated along our spine!

This 2 hour Yin session will emphasise on spinal health and mobility! It will move your spine into your full range of motion, working with the spine's natural way of moving to elongate and open any areas that we may neglect as we move through our days, our training sessions and our yoga.

This practice will give space around the spinal joints and disks to release un-necessary compression that we may have collected along the way of life. 

You will walk away with a sense of lightness in your posture, a feel of ease as your natural spinal curves now supports you and balance of your entire Being from nurturing your nervous system and the energy lines that flows along your spine.

The chat:

Our Yin yoga practice is followedby a talk about 'What is a functional approach to yoga' and 'How can you serve/guide and assist each individual student (or yourself as a student) the best way?' and Q&A time. 

Open for curiousstudents and teachers

Total time 3 hours

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