Yoga Tree Team Members

A great studio is backed by an even better team. Here are the people who make Yoga Tree the amazing studio it is today.



Monica’s classes embody her Californian, free-spirited roots and sense of adventure. Monica teaches dynamic classes that are grounded in traditional lineages of yoga and spun together with a creative twist. She has studied yoga, meditation and Ayurveda in the US, India and Australia and continues to enrich her teachings with personal practice and study. Monica has a great understanding of the body and shares anatomical keys with her students to unlock movement patterns and to reclaim balance in their bodies. She emphasises alignment and awareness of breath as she guides her students into a deeper state of connection to the subtle body and a simultaneous detachment from the fluctuations of the mind. Monica sees her experience on the four corners of her mat as a life long journey into the meditative mind and encourages her students to seek the sacred union of mind and body to open their hearts to a life full of joy, compassion and awareness. Monica