Yoga Tree Team Members

A great studio is backed by an even better team. Here are the people who make Yoga Tree the amazing studio it is today.



Debra has worked in the Health & Fitness industry for over 25 years. In 2006 she began to practice Yoga to help improve her flexibility. The strength, discipline and athleticism of Yoga were immediately appealing. As her practice grew, so did her realization that the benefits of Yoga were so much more than the physical; there was a deeper “inner” practice.

She has over 350-hours of yoga teacher training in Baptiste Style Vinyasa Power Flow and Hot Yoga Intensive teacher training, concentrating on the Bikram series. In addition, she has completed 120+ hours of Yin Yoga teacher training with Bernie Clark in Vancouver, British Columbia and Sarah Powers in Sydney, Australia.

Yoga has shifted her Type A “goal-oriented” philosophy to one of greater acceptance and presence in her own body. “Yoga has made me much more aware of the possibilities of the human body, as well as the resiliency of the human spirit. My Yoga teaching has strengthened my practice and the two continue to work in tandem. I believe all people can benefit from a regular Yoga practice; as a teacher I try to provide every individual the opportunity to discover their personal best.” Debra